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Is Human Labor Going To Lose Value?

mIndustries with rising revenues, rising output, and declining employment of humans are today’s biggest success stories. What does that portend for the future of human labor?

Source: FuturePundit: Human Labor Going To Lose Value?

Just as machines and the industrial revolution eliminated the need for droves of men to do hard physical labor, like ditch digging or harvesting, new information age machines will eliminate the need for jobs that require a lower level of cognitive ability. At least that is the premise of the linked article.

We can see easy examples with ATM machines, pay at the pump gas and online shopping in general. These technologies have reduced the need for tellers, service station attendants and shop clerks. However I believe it will soon be going much further. We are already seeing machines that can do complex abstract thinking like writing a news article, diagnosing a disease or determining a research subject.

Technology will not just be replacing tellers and shop clerks it will be replacing lawyers, doctors and journalists.

Humankind has long dreamed of an ideal world in which no one needs to toil, go to a job or work just to survive. Are we on the cusp of a work free world? If so how would it work and would it be a good thing.

Of course there were alarmists who warned of horrible consequences when people left the fields and machines started to do the really hard work. What would all those displaced laborers do? Some faced hard times but most ended up with better higher paying less damaging jobs.

It is hard to make predictions, especially about the future.

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