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“Is it safe?” enviraSAFE

“Is it safe?”

Reliably Validate the Effectiveness of your Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures for You, Your Customers, and Your Employees

Source: Data Analysis to Validate and Improve Disinfection and Infection Prevention – enviraSAFE

Your patients are ready to come back following the pandemic lock down, but they want to be sure that it is safe to do so. Now you can reassure your patients as well as yourself and your team with a new service called Envirasafe.

Envirasafe uses up to the minute practices to evaluate the air, the water, and the surfaces in your dental office for pathogens. If all is well, you will be certified as environmentally safe. You can reassure your patients that an independent third party has tested your office and it is safe for them to have their dental work completed.

Your team will also appreciate knowing that the environment is safe.

It may be even more important to know if you do not pass. If your asepsis procedures are not doing the job you want to know so that you can fix whatever needs fixing.

Remember the classic line from the old movie “Marathon Man”? The evil dentist is torturing the hero Dustin Hoffman while asking in a quiet sinister voice “Is it safe?” Part of the horror of the scene is that Dustin Hoffman has no idea what he is talking about and cannot possibly answer. Now your patients are asking “Is it safe?” With Envirasafe you can give them an answer.