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It is not all Parties and Presents; Serious Year End Planning

Year end is rapidly approaching. For many of our patients this is a great time of year to get some needed dental work done. Some will have met their yearly deductible and will have better coverage for care, others will have met the minimum for a medical dental tax deduction and still others may have a 125 (flex benefit) medical plan with unused money that they need to spend on qualified dental treatment before December 31.

How can you use technology to best reach these patients?

First you need to identify them. You can use Dentrix or Eaglesoft to run reports and make a list. Or you can use an e-service like Sesame, Action Run or eCentral to do the sorting for you.

Now you need to contact them. Sesame research indicates most…like more than two thirds of patients prefer e-mail over phone calls or post cards. Again you have two basic choices, sort your lists and send e-mails from the office or use an e-service to automate. The service examines your data, creates and sends a customized e-mail.

Using a service is faster, more accurate and even less expensive than trying to do it yourself.

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