“I’ve got your back”

It has been a while since I linked anything to Seth Godin so here it is.

…if you want her to take the risk and brave the fear, then it sure helps if you’re there too, no matter what.

via Seth’s Blog: “I’ve got your back”.

He always has interesting and thoughtful things to say but they don’t always have an obvious dental high tech application. This one does.

One of the biggest challenges I run into trying to help dentists make good technology choices is “buy in”. It is not nearly enough to choose a particular management program or sensor if you are going to get value from technology you also have to use it. And use it in an effective manner.

If a team member develops the belief that if she makes a mistake or does things slowly she will be reprimanded (yelled at) then she will be reluctant to try anything new she will resist change and sabotage the new technology in order to go back to the old comfortable way.

When you introduce new technology to the office share the vision, that is why you are interested in this new thing, provide great training and then make sure everyone knows you got their back.

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I’ve been a big Seth Godin fan for some time now. Glad to see you quoting him here. As a fellow hopeful agent of change (for the better), Bootstrapper’s Bible and The Dip both grace my bookshelf.

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