Janice Hurley AADP Preview

by Larry Emmott on January 20, 2020

in Dental Speaker,Management

In this digital era, providing excellent clinical care isn’t the only key to a successful dental practice; in fact, a significant part of a dentist’s success can be chalked up to the image the professional projects to patients and the community.

In this new podcast, Dr. Julie Kellogg talks with Janice Hurley, author of Dental Image Branding: How to Create Optimal Patient Impact. Hurley covers how image can affect a practice, including how team members’ social media accounts can reflect on their employer; successfully responding to negative (and positive!) online reviews; and personal image, including how the way we dress affects how we feel about ourselves and how others regard us.


AADP Skies Wide Open on March 4-7, 2020, in Orlando 

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