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Lighthouse PLZ

Lighthouse PLZ.

This is a very well designed set of tools to extend your practice management systems power. The tools will give you and your staff all kinds of information and even more importantly it will track how you are doing and it will do it automatically.

However in order to use this or any other of the great tools you must have complete, accurate and up to date digital information. Tools like PLZ are just another great benefit of going paperless. Once your data (chart, schedule, finances etc) is digital it changes everything!

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Lighthouse PLZ is one of the few tools I’ve come across that is as much a benefit for the patients as it is for the front desk staff.

PLZ automatically sends out appointment confirmations via e-mail which people can either confirm or ask the office to call to reschedule all online. If the patient doesn’t have an e-mail address, a postcard is automatically generated and mailed. All this happens remotely without any action whatsoever from my front desk.

When a patient makes an appointment, they automatically (one of my favorite adverbs) get a e-mail with the date on it. Patients largely don’t need appointment cards anymore.

While there’s more, those are the main points. It’s really freed up the front desk staff, patients enjoy getting things online, and it presents the office as being technology-centric.

We have been using the PLZ system since the beta and find it to be an invaluable aide to our practice. This system fully automates your email and postcard communication in a very simple and innovative way. We have been able to cut our mailing costs through the use of email, and the patients really like getting the email reminders. Using this system we are able to more efficiently and effectively communicate with our patients, and the best part is that it is automatic. No staff time is required the system just runs itself, appointments confirmed by email are automatically marked as confirmed in pworks. Overall a great system with an ever expanding list of features.

PLZ is great

It saves my staff about 3 hours per day

My No Show patients are way down

And as a result my staff assistance and productivity are way UP

Larry wrote “However in order to use this or any other of the great tools you must have complete, accurate and up to date digital information.” After the hands free patient emails and postcards the BEST part of PLZ is the daily To-do list! Sent by enail, It tells the front office who needs phone #s (cell, work,home) ,recall appointments, e-mail addresses and more! Also, for accountability it is sent to the Office manager and the NEXT day a summary of what was done today is automatically sent! This is what Practice management software is supposed to do!

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