Make me want to Google

From Seth Godin

The job is no longer to recite facts, to read the bio out loud, to explain something better found or watched online.

No, the job is to personally and passionately make us care enough to look up the facts for ourselves.

via Seth’s Blog.

As usual Godin has a fresh and interesting take on how the world works. With the Internet and especially with Google we can get any information we want instantly and at essentially no cost*. If you want someone to pay attention to you telling them facts about you or your dental practice misses the mark. What you want to do is create enough interest that they will Google you.

The question then is, if someone Googles your name what will they see?

*There is an infrastructure cost, that is the cost of the computer or phone and the cost of the Internet connection but there is no incremental cost. That is we do not pay per Google.

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