Internet Management Software

Management in the Cloud

The cloud is the future of dentistry, and cloud-based practice management software offers practices a variety of benefits:

  • Data stored in the cloud is accessible 24/7, even when you are away from the office.
  • Automatic updates reduce maintenance because you always have the latest version of your software.
  • Automatic backups to the cloud help protect your practice data and keep it safe.
  • Practice data is available on the device of your choice—Mac, PC or iPad—because you access your practice management software through an Internet browser.

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The above comes directly from a Dentrix Ascend ad. Yes, it is a marketing piece, never the less the advantages to cloud based management systems are real and will change how we do the business of dentistry.

One of the primary after-effects of the Covid pandemic will be increased work from home and Tele-medicine. Cloud based management systems will simplify both of these activities.

Any change of the practice management system has multiple problems associated with it. At this time a practice that has been using the original server based Dentrix platform for many years and is using it effectively has little to gain by switching to the cloud based Ascend. Ascend is quite different from the original Dentrix. On the other hand a new practice or a practice upgrading from other less robust systems should consider a cloud based system.