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“MEDi Reduces Children’s Anxiety

From Dental Tribune:

Olin’s team has been utilizing MEDi for about five months now and reports overall positive experiences. “MEDi is constantly in the active mode allowing children to interact with him immediately and continually upon entering the dental operatory. MEDi distracts the children, reducing their initial anxiety and fear. They listen to the MEDi’s instructions, which allows the rest of the dental team to move forward faster and more seamlessly with their work with a more compliant patient,” Olin said.

Source: “MEDi will become an essential part of the dental team of every dental office” | Dental Tribune International

Hmmm. It is a toy robot. The benefit is a more compliant child patient and a unique feature that will attract potential new patients. However at $15,000 I can think of a lot of things I would rather have for the money.

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