MinuteClinic Goes Viral

by Larry Emmott on February 1, 2011

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The linked article discusses the expansion plans of the CVS MinuteClinics. These clinics represent a disruptive change in the business of medicine that in my opinion  has the potential to create significant change in how we deliver and pay for medical care.

MinuteClinics are a great example of the kind of disruptive change Clayton Christensen discusses in his seminal book The Innovator’s Prescription. In the book he discusses several interesting insights on disruptive change in business and how it has revolutionized everything from steel manufacture to telephone service. He then applies these insights to specific changes in medical care, both in what we deliver and how we deliver it.

The bottom line is that evolving technology, disruptive change and creative destruction will, if it allowed to progress fundamentally change how medicine is delivered while both improving the quality and reducing the cost. A process which in my opinion is a much better option and has a much better chance of success than top down central controlled national health care. Using Technology well will be a significant part of the change.

By 2015, MinuteClinic estimated it will operate about 1,060 clinics in 100 markets.”

via CARPE DIEM: MinuteClinic Goes Viral, It Plans to Double the Number of Its Retail Clinics Over the Next 5 Years.

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