Future Tech Management

Never do it Again

We ask ourselves, what new thing will technology allow me to do today that I couldn’t do yesterday? As natural and as exciting as that question is, it can be a much more meaningful example of the impact of technology to ask yourself what will I never do again?

Here are some dental office examples of things you might never do again based on developing technology.

  • I will never hold a radiograph up to the light again
  • I will never wait on hold again
  • I will never write a treatment note again
  • I will never change the chemicals in the developer again
  • I will never pack tissue again
  • I will never use the postage meter again
  • I (or my staff) will never hand a clipboard to a patient again
  • I will never spend the morning looking for a lost chart again
  • I will never pour a plaster model again

From these examples, how might you plan your future or choose which new technology to invest in?