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New Product YAPI

There is a new technology product I am very excited about that will be introduced at the Townie Meeting May 4-7 in Las Vegas. It is called YAPI.

At first glance YAPI looks like an in office computer intercom system. However when you look at the details it offers a lot more. YAPI was developed by a busy tech savvy dentist who wanted to improve efficiency and use technology more effectively. She observed the speed bumps in her office and then tried to figure out a way that technology could be used to smooth out the bumps.

In a nutshell YAPI digitally follows a patient through an office visit. It starts by checking them in at the front desk. Then it follows them to the treatment room. Then back to the front to check out. Along the way the office team is alerted as the where the patient is, how long he or she has been there and when the room needs to be cleaned or is ready for another patient.

YAPI also provides reminders. That is do we need to collect an e-mail address from this person or update the medical history on that one. It provides a system to attach information to the patient visit for future processing. Such as; a check out note, post-operative instructions, Care Call or reminders for future treatment. You can think of YAPI as a digital routing slip.

There is more. YAPI both gathers information and extracts it from your practice management system, like Dentrix or Eaglesoft. As a result one of YAPI’s features, I think is unique and very valuable, is that YAPI will provide all the information you need to manage a virtual daily huddle.

There is a lot more to YAPI like “Seeds” and “Idle-Screen”. These are very powerful marketing tools I will write more about in the future.

One last thought. Since YAPI is digital it allows us to do our work differently – virtually. For example the daily huddle that YAPI facilitates. Team members can attend in person or virtually from another location. They can even re-play the meeting if they are forced to arrive late after the meeting has been completed.

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