Numbers…So What

DataAnalCycleOne of the best things about digital technology is that you can gather information. With any Practice Management System you can get amazing data that will help you manage your practice more effectively.

For example you can determine what percentage of re-call hygiene patients re-schedule for restorative dentistry and how much each case averages in production. Great huh? Well maybe. What does it mean? How does it relate to others? What should I do if the number goes up? Or goes down?

Then again, how do I get that number? Is it important or is another number more important? What reports should I run? How often should I run them? And how the heck do I get my over worked staff to figure all this out and run the proper reports on a regular basis?

Having great data only has value if the numbers can be pulled from the computer, are related to actual practice health and if you know what to do if the numbers are less than ideal. That is where a practice coach comes in. A coach can help you compare your practice to others identify strengths and weaknesses and give advice on how to improve.

Dentrix has a coaching program that can be customized for each office, automates the reports and tells you if your numbers are average or good and what to do about them.

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