On Renting A Car In Phoenix From A Woman In Oklahoma City

by Larry Emmott on July 13, 2012

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From Forbes:

…imagine a consultation with a doctor who can see you, even look down your throat and get a sense of how you are doing, even print out a prescription for you, but he’s sitting halfway around the world.

via On Renting A Car In Phoenix From A Woman In Oklahoma City – Forbes.

The linked article is mostly about general business applications but has obvious denal office application as well. We have become acustomed to using a kiosk to take the place of a person at the bank and the airport. But a kiosk can be frustrating and is undoubtedly impersonal. Combining the convenience of a kiosk with a real person at some remote location seems like a nice blend of high tech and high touch.

As the article suggests we could see special tele-dentistry kiosks that connect with a real dentist that people working in a remote location could use to send radiographs and photos as well as have a face to face conversation for a remote diagnosis.

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