Internet Management

Online Referral

The Internet will completely change doctor to doctor communications. If a referral is needed in the future you will make an appointment at the specialist’s office via the Internet and inform the specialist with an e-mail. Then all the patient’s information will be transferred to a secure Internet site. The specialist will download the patient name and all personal data such as address and phone numbers. In addition the specialist will get all the diagnostic information including x-rays, photos and treatment plans. The specialist also gets the updated health history, a history of the treatment rendered and any notes from the general dentist. But that’s not all the specialist could also get the insurance and payment information.

If needed the dentist and specialist will hold a real time Internet conference simultaneously viewing and annotating the images, chart notes and radiographs. Of course once the patient has been treated by the specialist all the notes and communication including photos and x-rays from the specialist will be send back to the referring dentist via the Internet and the patient’s chart updated instantly.