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OperaDDS Secure e-Mail

OperaddslogoWith Send, you can send and receive HIPAA secure emails, even to non-secure addresses like that old-school gmail address you gave out to that sketchy online retailer in order to save a few bucks last month. Even to your colleague’s old-school AOL address. With attachments. With storage. For free. Period.

That’s right: we think being able to send and receive HIPAA compliant emails ought to be a basic right in this high-tech, paperless profession. We think being able to have access to your secure correspondence from anywhere you have access to the internet is a no-brainer. So we built it, making sure you will always be able to communicate instantly, securely. Freely.

via OperaDDS | Send.

OpersDDS is a suite of features that allow you to communicate within the office, externally with patients and specialists using HIPAA compliant e-mail and with labs using a secure web server.

Dentistry is in desperate need of a secure easy to use and cost effective way to communicate electronically. There have been a number of companies that have offered this kind of service but so far none have caught on. I really like the Opera interface and even more I like the price.

You can actually get some basic services with up to four users for free. The full pro package retails for $49 a month but at this time is available for only $29 a month.

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