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Overview of Online Appointment Scheduling Systems for Dentists

From ValuePenguin Software:

…many dental practices still require patients to make a phone call in order to schedule appointments. Not only is this a major inconvenience for the patient that may make them reluctant to schedule their next appointment, but it’s also an inefficient use of your staff’s time. Fortunately, there are a few systems on the market that can help dental practices facilitate online bookings.

Source: Overview of Online Appointment Scheduling Systems for Dentists | ValuePenguin Software

Follow the link for exactly what it offers, a good overview of online schedulers including the leading vendors.

I believe we are ready for true online scheduling. Not just the request for an appointment many offices have been doing for years but true appointment scheduling that actually adds an appointment to the book. Like Open Table for dentistry.

At this time no one is ready to schedule complex multi tooth restorative or surgical appointments online, however many routine appointments including basic re-care and new patient exams could be scheduled online with no staff involvement.

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