Paperless? Yes it is Possible!

 I know it is possible because we have been doing it for years and the results are remarkable!

When we consult with a dental office ( one of the primary goals they have is to “go paperless”  Pull the chart of a patient you have been seeing for some time and see what is in there. There will be an information sheet  a health history, a tooth chart, a history of written notes which appear to be created in a top secret code. However that’s just the beginning, most dental charts have many more bits of paper that accumulate like pocket lint; lab slips, payment info, prescriptions, correspondence, insurance forms, specialty referrals, consent forms, x-rays, HIPPA forms, re-call information, insurance EOBs, specialist reports, photographs, treatment plans, financial arrangements and more.

We now record and store every one of those bits of information digitally as part of the electronic record. Patient chart and financial information is recorded in Dentrix. Photos are digital and managed with ImageFx, X-rays are Kodak digital. Correspondence and reminders are sent via e-mail or text message ( Any paper that comes from the rest of the world, like a specialists report, is scanned, stored in the electronic record and the paper is shredded.

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