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My friends at Sesame Communications have produced another highly informative white paper on the value of digital patient communications. Here are some interesting excerpts:

Automated Appointment Reminders

The leading value associated with the automated appointment reminder functionality reported by practices was a reduction in no-shows. 74.25% of respondents noted that a reduction in no-shows was an important benefit of their patient engagement system. Furthermore, a significant 73.89% of participants in the study stated that this functionality actually reduced no-shows. This finding confirmed a previously published research study by Sesame Communications.

The study showed patients overwhelmingly prefer automated reminders, as an astounding 79.5% of patients prefer text or email appointment reminders over phone calls.2


state it was more convenient for them to visit the practice patient portal than call the office.


noted that having 24-7 digital access to their information made it more likely for them to stay in their present practice.

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