Management Paperless

Planning for a Paperless Record

The following advice comes from my great friends and associates at the Pride Institute.

“Evolving from a dead wood practice to a paperless practice requires a vision and a plan.  You need to address why and how before you welcome the technology into your practice.

At this point, many dentists turn to a practice management company for help developing their unique vision and an implementation plan that will integrate the new technology with their current operational systems. But because not everyone can nor wants to hire a consultant, this section serves as a “consultant in a box,” highlighting the advice we give to our clients.

At Pride Institute we teach that there are four parts of every system. In order to achieve full integration, you must fully implement each part.

1. Purpose / Vision (the big picture)
2. Mechanics (how we will do this)
3. Verbals (how we will communicate with one another and our patients)
4. Follow up/through (the consistent daily actions and agreements that hold us accountable and let us know when we’ve succeeded.)”


For the complete package check out the Guide to Going Paperless here: