Internet Management


more Patients. Less work. Zero risk.
From the experts at Lighthouse Practice Management Group comes PLZ ? your source for complete practice efficiency.

PLZ (say “please”) is an Internet based suite of tools that integrates with and extends your existing practice management system. For one low monthly price, PLZ offers a broad array of services that enables a higher level of productivity with less work. Discover an easier way to improve the overall success of your practice with the time-tested tools that are backed by a community of your peers. With PLZ you will improve communication with current and prospective patients, increase the productivity of your staff, maximize your technological investment, and ultimately, increase your profitability.


This is a new concept that looks very interesting. It has been developed by some of the best brains in dental high tech. The idea is to extend the value of your practice management system by gathering data as it is produced and automatically (that means with no additional effort from the dentist or the team!!) performing a task.

For example: Patient reactivation. The system sends reactivation messages to every patient not seen in the last two years. It creates daily to do lists, and …get this…it checks at the end of the day to see it you did it.

I will be learning more soon.