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PPO Analyzer for Dentrix

From DPR:


There are four main components to The PPO Analyzer.

PPO Production Summary – This will give you production by fee schedule and compare it to your UCR fee schedule and give you a net difference. This is your bottom line PPO write-off.

PPO Patient Demographics – This will give you total number of patients and percentage of active patient base by fee schedule. Also, it will break it down by male, female, and child.

PPO Claim Statistics – If you have ever wondered how long the average claim aging is by each PPO plan, you are in for a treat. These statistics will give you not only average claim aging, but also total number of resubmissions by fee schedule.

PPO Patient Visit Summary – These statistics break down the numbers a little farther and give you total number of doctor visits, hygiene visits, and average production per visit. Also, this section will show you total number of broken appointments by fee schedule

via Introducing the PPO Analyzer for Dentrix | Dental Products Report.

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