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More wisdom from Dayna the Dentrix Diva .

There are four main components to The PPO Analyzer for Dentrix.

  • PPO Production Summary – This will give you production by fee schedule and compare it to your UCR fee schedule and give you a net difference. This is your bottom line PPO write-off.

Source: Services – Rae Dental Management

I believe one of the best things about digital technology and digital records is the ability of the practice owner to gather information and use it in an effective way to enhance the efficiency of the practice.

In the linked article Dayna Johnson explains the PPO analyzer and what each component does. The analyzer is $350. In theory all the data is already there in Dentrix and an astute user could find It themselves. On the other hand it would take some doing to get exactly what the analyzer provides and it may be worth $350 of time and trouble doing it yourself.

Having the data is a great first step; however an even bigger question is what do you do with it? How do you determine whether your monthly write off or the percentage of patients on a PPO is healthy or causing problems? To answer that question you need more than data you need business experience, comparisons to others and the help of an experienced consultant.

BTW, many years ago I used the data I gleaned from Dentrix to drop my participation in all PPOs including Delta. When I ran the numbers I was shocked to find I could lose 2/3 of those patients and still come out ahead. When I followed up I found that I did not lose anywhere near 2/3s and was substantially better off after I made the change.

One thing to keep in mind; Delta is a PPO. That is to say every Delta plan is a PPO. Most everyday dentists do not take the time to consider this and think of basic Delta as somehow different. But it is a just like any other PPO. That is you sign a contract, agree to be bound by their rules and write off a portion of the fee. In most cases what you write off is less than plans that admit they are PPOs but it is still a fee limit.

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