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Another online service. This one grabs your patient data and re-activates non responsive or idle patients.

Of course this or any other online service only works with digital data. That is you need to be charting, and treatment planning with the computer. Not to mention scheduling and re-call. If the computer does not have a treatment plan entered then it can not figure out which patients have diagnosed but incomplete treatment.

If you do have the data you can run this same type of process using any good dental practice management system like Dentrix. On the other hand using a web based service takes that work and out sources it leaving more time for staff to concentrate on clinical delivery of services.

Practice Activator: Patient reactivation and recall for dentists.

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Dear Dr. Emmott,

Thank you for taking note on our service, Practice Activator (“PA”). I am the CEO of the organization that built it. Actually there is a little clarification due. Treatment plan is not needed in Dentrix for us to do our magic. All we need are historical transactions (ADA codes from the patient ledger and/or billing statements). As long as dentists maintain a patient ledger they are good for PA to reap between $5000 & $10,000 extra monthly net income home (average). Unlike anyone else, we actually provide 120% money back guarantee.

The system is based on an expert system based technology customized with dental rules. It actually analyzes historical transactions and thinks like a dentist. For example, if there is a patient who has done SRP 2 years ago, PA recognize that there is perhaps an SRP due with this patient and the risk of not doing it is advancement of gum disease. No treatment planning is needed in the system. Now let us talk about a tooth extracted in the middle of the mouth, say, #4, what is the impact to the nearby teeth, even if there is no treatment plan? PA can understand – it is a little dentist and PA works hard, it can analyze all patients in no time 🙂

We have spent 10 dentist man years and used some serious technologies to enable PA to think like a dentist. As a result, our clients end up taking about $5000 – $10000 extra home every month. PA doubles their horse power in reading past treatment of patients, analyzing who needs what, and communicating with patients the reasons they need to see the dentist. The only alternative today is dentist himself/herself going through old charts. How many do it? There is about $500K – $1 million in a general dentist’s file cabinet in those historical records.

I think most dentists using Dentrix put the ADA codes of treatments done on patient in Dentrix (for keeping simple records and/or billing). That is good enough for PA to do its magic. Treatment Planning is great, but not needed for the dentist client to see the results.

The best way to know the value is to do a risk free trial (120% money back guarantee trial – offered until the end of July). Typical gain will be start with $50,000 in extra net income on an annual basis, as seen from our current clients. This money is now in the paper charts which the dentists have no time to read and monetize {and software like Dentrix do not have the artificial brain to read and analyze who need what treatment}.

Thank you

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