Diagnostics Management

Probing Dental Math

Dental Math: If an adult has 28 teeth and you probe six areas on each tooth: 26 x 6 = 168. If you record three findings, pocket depth, attachment loss and bleeding for each site: 168 x 3 = 504. If you record mobility, furcation involvement, plaque index, calculus and exudates you easily can add forty items (Molar furcations alone could be 3x 4 = 12 for the top and 2 x 4 = 8 for the bottom 12+ 8 = 20). 504 + 40= 544.  If you do a full perio exam and charting now and six months from now: 544 x 2 =1088.

If you make all these recording at an average of 99% accuracy then…not quite eleven of them will be wrong.

The digital point: 99% accuracy is good for a human. A machine can be designed to be much more accurate, even approaching 100%. (like 99.9999999%) Digital technology is not just about machines it is about improving patient care.