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On of the best sessions at the recent Henry Schein Technology summit in Utah was on the Dentrix coaching program presented by Tammy McHood. Coaching is a remarkable program that virtually every Dentrix office needs to consider.

In case you missed it, here is what I wrote about coaching earlier this year.

man-thinkingFrom Dentrix:

Expert advice. Higher profits. Superior results.

Profitability Coaching can turn your Dentrix practice management solution into an even bigger and more effective profitability engine—by helping you strengthen the connections between your Dentrix system and your bottom line.

via Dental Software – Dentrix Profitability Coaching.

One of the best features of electronic records is that you gather data on your practice and your patients as a byproduct of doing business. If you know how to access the data and what it means you can use it to manage your dental practices in a more effective manner.

For example what percentage of hygiene patients schedule for a re-care appointment? What is your ratio of prophy to perio? What percentage of the work you recommend is accepted?  Your computer has all that information even if you don’t.

If  you could access this data do you know what it means? Do you know how you compare with your peers? Do you know what to do to improve your efficiency?

Dentrix “Profitability Coaching” is an Internet based service that will gather the critical data from your practice analyze it, compare it to ideal norms learned in consult with leading practice management firms and give you advice on how to improve your practice.

It is in essence an online practice management consultant. It is a good way to get more from your investment in technology.

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