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QueueDr – Fill cancellations instantly!

I just saw a demo of a new online service for dentists called QueueDr:

How QueueDr works

  • Doctor’s office adds patients to waitlist in QueueDr web app.
  • If an appointment is cancelled or opens up…
  • Doctor’s office presses “Fill appointment” in QueueDr.
  • All interested patients receive text about opening.
  • First patient to text back wins the appointment + skips the wait!

via QueueDr – Fill cancellations instantly!.


I have known front desk people who spend hours on the phone even staying well past closing in order to fill cancelled appointments. QueueDr  does all the work for you. If an appointment opens up the staff member does not need to look up a list and start making calls the system does it automatically. Nobody needs to dial a phone or type in a message.

Here is the best part. You do not pay unless there is a filled appointment. There is no startup fee, no monthly subscription, you can get started at no cost then just pay $9 per appointment.

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