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QuickBooks and Payroll

From Susan Gunn. She is absolutely THE source for QuickBooks help for dentists.

One of the myths regarding QuickBooks payroll is that they do not have a comparable payroll solution to Paychex or ADP or any other payroll service. This is simply NOT TRUE.
I recommend the QuickBooks Assisted Payroll Solution. The benefits:

  • Enter hours into QuickBooks vs. calling in or online
  • Intuit’s No Penalty Guarantee pays your payroll taxes and deducts a lump sum from your bank
  • Payroll reports can be created at anytime from QuickBooks
  • Detail is kept in QuickBooks vs. manually entering or importing
  • Financial reports that include payroll detail

For those of you who said you were going to wait until the first of the year to switch to the QuickBooks Assisted Payroll option, it is now the first of the year! I have never received ANY negative feedback regarding the Assisted Payroll option – only OVERWHELMING positive reviews.