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Reactivation Equation One Million Dollars

img_moneyIn case you missed it.

Many dentists spend countless hours and tens of thousands on marketing efforts chasing the elusive new patient while sitting quietly on a fortune.

The ADA estimates the average dental practice generates between $700,000 and $1 million worth of incomplete diagnosed treatment per year. From 20 to 30 percent of your current patients are non-responsive, yet most of them probably still consider you their dentist. Your existing patients are a rich vein of gold just waiting to be mined.

via Emmott On Technology: The Reactivation Equation |

This Dentalcompare article from a few months ago explores the use of e-services to re-activate patients. Using an e-service does the job for you quickly and with no staff time or software purchase. This is one of the amazing benefits of digital data. Once the computer knows the patient’s name, when they were in last and what treatment they need it is simple for the machine to generate a letter and track who responds.

E-services are greatly underutilized by most dentists and yet they have a tremendous ROI.

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