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Removing state-based obstacles to affordable healthcare

From the Hill:

States can begin by repealing “Certificate of Need” (CON) laws. These are outdated and counterproductive laws which encourage cronyism, increase costs, and detract from the quality of health care…

When a new provider petitions for a certificate, established providers are usually invited to testify against their would-be competitors. This means that some health care practices can openly challenge the right to exist of any practice that might hurt their bottom line.

via Removing state-based obstacles to affordable healthcare | TheHill.

Years ago when I first heard about Certificates of Need from a hospital administrator colleague I was stunned. The hospital could not purchase new equipment without permission from the state.

Imagine that you wanted to add a treatment room or install a CAD CAM system for your dental office but the state won’t allow it unless they feel there is a need. Your competitors will testify that there is no need as they are already providing the service. These competitors won’t be the friendly colleague down the hall but the big multi state mega clinic with multiple locations.

As with most of these anti-competitive laws the justification is consumer protection and cost control.

Adding new and updated technology, like CAD CAM to a dental office is a business decision. Each office is unique and the factors that go into the decision are unique as well.

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