Resolutions for 2018

New Year's ResolutionAs you appease your guilty conscience with resolutions for self-improvement in the coming year here are six dental high tech resolutions to consider.

Do the HIPAA basics. The new HIPAA omnibus rules went into effect September of 2013. Full compliance is ideal but can be overwhelming. On the other hand you do have a professional obligation to protect patient privacy. Resolve to do at least these three things in the next two months. Assign a HIPAA compliance officer. Do a technology risk assessment and start encrypting your patient data.

Use the Internet more effectively. The first thing every dental office should do to improve their online presence is to claim their Google Business page. When people search you by name your Google Business page will appear on the top right of the first page. Resolve to create a Google Business page and then complete it by adding content.

Use what you have now. Most likely you already have some pretty sophisticated technology and you aren’t using it fully. Make a resolution to get more out of what you have. In order to do that resolve to schedule two training sessions in 2018 for both the team and the dentist.

Clean up your system. Redundant, out of date and just plain wrong information plagues most every dental computer system. For example, patients who have moved to South America and aren’t coming back; a single insurance company is listed three different times; patients with pop up medical alerts that no longer apply and hundreds of discarded alternative treatment plans that are still attached to patients and listed as incomplete. Resolve to tackle these problems one at a time. Set aside dedicated time to do it, at least an hour or two a week. Do not wait until you have some free time to start the clean up; that is what got you into this mess in the first place.

Reduce paper. A completely paperless record in 2018 would be great. However start with some easier goals. Evaluate every paper you now create. Is it still important? Can it be added to an electronic record? Is there a faster way to do this?

Just like last year. Lose ten pounds

New Year’s resolutions are all about envisioning and creating a preferred future. Whatever you resolve, the future is coming and it will be amazing!

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