Retail – Dental Disruptive Connection

by Larry Emmott on February 21, 2011

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The attached article comes from my local paper and discusses the disruptive changes retailers are faced with. The disruptions are almost entirely due to changes in technology combined with the recession. (I just re-read the first sentence and was struck by the irony of my use of the word “paper”. Of course I did not read it on an actual paper I read it online on a digital version of what was in the past a paper. Obviously “news papers” are another business seriously challenged by technology.)

  There is a dental connection.

The good news is that so far patients cannot actually get dentistry done online. They will still have to come to our offices for treatment. However they will and are using the Internet to shop for a dentist. They do use the Internet to locate your office, check out others opinions by reading user reviews, get to know you through your web page and even check fees.

The bit quoted below mentions how smaller retailers can keep business by providing better customer service. This has long been the case in dentistry. Our patients cannot readily judge the integrity of a margin but they can judge how well they were treated.

Increasingly they will be making those value judgments based on what they find online and with the technology they find in your office.

Ironically, the trend may favor small independent retailers that can differentiate themselves from the large chains through better customer service

via Shopping landscape in Arizona, nation changing with trends.

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