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Sanctioned Austin ADA attorney now targeting dental websites

People really dislike going to the dentist. Never the less dentists are held in much higher regard than lawyers. Read the linked article and you will see why.


Omar Weaver Rosales’ “demand” letters and threats of litigation are a new twist to a familiar pattern, according to longtime civil rights attorney Jim Harrington. Harrington announced Wednesday he is forming the Texas ADA Defense Project. The Defense Project will combat “exploitative” litigation threats, such as those sent by Rosales, that could undermine the integrity of ADA law,

Source: Sanctioned Austin ADA attorney now targeting websites |

Reading the article it sounds like this Texas lawyer is running what amounts to a protection racket thinly veiled by the American’s with Disabilities Act. (This act is commonly referred to as the ADA, as in the headline of this article. Of course for us dentists this is a source of constant confusion with our ADA the American Dental Association.)

What should be a good thing, providing accommodations for disabled people, is being abused. The ADA (dental) has a some background and advice here. The ADA (dental) paper was obviously written by a lawyer and takes several pages to say essentially there are no actual rules or laws requiring web site accommodations but you might get sued anyway and if you get one of these shakedown letters you are on your own hire a good attorney. But the attorney is likely to cost you more than the shakedown.

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