Say What You Want and Expect

From Katherine Eitel:

Continuing on this week with our list of suggestions for how we could live and operate our businesses from a place of greater happiness… here’s my fourth suggestion…

Suggestion #1:Assume the best. 

Suggestion #2:Roll with it. 

Suggestion #3:Visualize responsibly. 

Suggestion #4: Say What You Want and Expect

This one is really pretty easy.  No matter how much we wish it were different, people just can’t read our minds.  If something needs to get done, be done differently, or is super important to us… we must make those expectations known.  Otherwise, we are likely to have a lot of unmet expectations…

This is from Katherine’s wonderful Monday Morning stretch series. She discusses the importance of stating your wants and expectation in personal situations. However it is equally as true in business situations.

One of the mistakes I see dentists make with technology in the office is that they never create a vision of the high tech office they want and they never tell the team what is expected of them. On the flip side the team needs to feel safe and be willing to tell the dentist what they want and need as well. I have seen dental offices flounder with high tech because a key team member is afraid of the potential changes, she is afraid to tell the doctor so she does everything she can to mess up the technology transition. Usually with the best of intentions, as she believes she is protecting the dentist. Neither has bothered to tell the other what they want and need.

Look back at he list to number one. “Assume the best.” This is also good advice when implementing new technology. All too often either the dentist or the team is leary of the new technology and go into it expecting it to fail. The failure expectations become a self fulfilling prophecy.

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