Scientist, Engineer and Operations Manager (dentist)

From Seth’s Blog:

The scientist invents the train. The engineer builds it out. The operations manager makes it run on time.

Operations managers shouldn’t do experiments.

Source: Seth’s Blog: Scientist, Engineer and Operations Manager

Substitute dentist for operations manager and you have a good model for dentistry. Read the rest of the short article for a better understanding of Seth’s point.

Dentists work in a science based profession but what we do is not science. It is totally inappropriate for dentists to try out untested procedures and materials on patients. We should not experiment.

By training and temperament dentists look to experts (gurus) for guidance and “permission” to do certain procedures or try new techniques. This is absolutely the way it needs to be with everyday clinical dentistry. However it is not as critical with practice administration. Never the less dentists are reluctant to try new management systems or tools until they have been vetted by experts and are commonly accepted. This of course includes using new technology.

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