Management Software

Should you switch Practice Management Systems?

I sometimes get this question from dentists; Should I switch practice management systems?

The answer; Are you nuts?

If you are currently using one of the leading systems (Dentrix, Practiceworks, Eaglesoft or Softdent) then there is very little benefit to switching and a great deal of cost and aggravation. These systems are all good. Each has strengths and weaknesses but as a general rule they will all run your practice well. The effort to switch; in transferring data, training staff and setting up new office systems and protocols is enormous. Not to mention expensive.  Speaking of expense some dentists have been lured into this fiasco based on the promise of “free” software. You remember the warnings about something that is too good to be true. Well “free” software is a good example of this; when you examine all the details it isn’t “free” at all.