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Smart Inventory Management

The prime directive the dental staff person assigned to inventory control is taught to follow is to always have what the doctor needs; to never never ever run out of anything. If you run out of anything when the doctor asks for it dire consequences surely await the poor staff member.

As a result the team member in charge of ordering has a huge incentive to purchase early and often. There is essentially no incentive to purchase wisely and save on inventory.

Technology can help, it is called Cubex.

Cubex uses a digital cabinet to store inventory and track usage. An online management program called SIM (Smart Inventory Manager) gathers the data, and even places orders automatically as needed.

Remember the S in SIM stands for smart. SIM can keep track of back orders, shipping times, discounts and multiple suppliers. SIM tracks every time the cabinet is opened, who opened it and what was taken (or not)

It is now possible to be certain you will never run out of a critical item and you can face your supply closet with confidence.

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