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Stop giving the insurance companies so much power

dayna-johnsonDentrix Diva Dayna Johnson:

When I am training out in the field, I ask the team, “What do you do with these reports?” The most common answer is “Nothing” or “I don’t know”. These reports give you the information you need to be in charge of your claims and attachments, but you need to know what to look for.

Source:  The Dentrix Office Manager: Stop giving the insurance companies so much power

As usual Dayna provides good advice based on her extensive experience as a Dentrix trainer and as a dental practice administrator. Her main point is that tracking dental insurance claims using e-claims and reports allows you to manage insurance more effectively and take control.

Another option is to go insurance free. This is a risky proposal for most offices in the current economy, never the less we did it years ago when things were more robust. One of the more satisfying results was watching the flustered indignation from patients when the insurance company tried to tell them that the claim was never sent when the patient personally enclosed the forms we provided in an envelope and mailed it to the insurer themselves.

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