Sure, but what’s the hard part?

 Seth Godin makes the point that in any job the hard part is the part we don’t want or like to do more so than it is the part that takes the most pure effort, skill or time.

In my experience many dentists enjoy the clinical aspects of dentistry; the skill of using our hands, the precision and attention to detail that brings us a great sense of well being and accomplishment when we do it well. So is that the hard part? It may be hard in that it takes years of training and experience to do and not everyone could do it however it is not the hard part by Godin’s definition.

For many dentists the hard part is dealng with staff, runing a business and managing change. Often a dentist would much rather see a day full of restorations requiring a deep level of skill and expertise to accomplish than he or she would like to spend a day implementing a new technology.

Which is harder? The one you don’t want to do.

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