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Surveillance Changes Behavior

504x_laptop_thiefFrom NYT, interesting:

The savings from the theft alerts themselves were modest, $108 a week per restaurant. However, after installing the monitoring software, the revenue per restaurant increased by an average of $2,982 a week, or about 7 percent.

The impact, the researchers say, came not from firing workers engaged in theft, but mostly from their changed behavior.

via How Surveillance Changes Behavior: A Restaurant Workers Case Study –

When people know they are being watched they don’t cheat and steal as much…amazing.

I expect it would be the same in our dental offices. If the staff knows we are checking the books looking for fraud and embezzlement they will be less likely to take advantage of us.

This should be a significant benefit of using something like Practice Safeguard an online service that examines your office data for signs of fraud. Even if Practice Safeguard does not detect an actual incidence of fraud it is likely to save us money simply as a deterrent.

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