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Tech-savvy dental practices save money, space

From CNBC:

Using traditional methods, creating a porcelain crown would require dentists to take impressions of a patient’s tooth, send the impression to a lab and receive a crown a week or more later, said Dr. Steven Cordoves, a dentist at the practice.

“Today we use a computer and a camera, and within a few seconds we can image a tooth, and produce a restoration in under two hours,”

via Tech-savvy dental practices save money, space.

If you read the article the featured office isn’t really doing anything special. They have a CEREC CAD-CAM machine (Which the reporter misidentifies as a 3D printer). What matters is that this is a main stream consumer article. As patients read these articles they will ask their dentist about single visit crowns and 3D images. If you do not have an up to date office with some impressive technology you risk appearing out of date.

Patients do notice and articles like this one will have them looking for some new technology.

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