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Technology is not enough

front_desk_phone_skillsFor years I have been showing dentists how to use the Internet effectively to communicate with both existing patients and with potential new patients. There are many things a dental office can do to improve online communications and to attract new patients. However, even with the best technology eventually a patient will pick up the phone and call.

Al your time and money is wasted if the calling patient does not follow through and schedule care. Remember the purpose of a website or other online service is not just to get attention it is to get business. Sadly the phone is where this often breaks down.

Numerous surveys have found that the number one reason a person chooses to change dentists is the feeling that they were not important to the office. Poor phone skills, leaving people on hold or just rushing through all can result in a lost patient.

Listed below are three options you can use to improve your phone effectiveness.

Katherine Eitel has just released a new updated phone skills course that is on sale until June 15.

Have Them At Hello – New and Revised
Katherine has completely re-recorded this favorite, adding new material, actual sample phone calls, an updated workbook, and customizable VIP Intake Forms!

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Danny Bobrow and Dr. Bill Blatchford offer a phone skills system called

The Art of First Impressions

What’s the most valuable instrument in your dental practice? Crown Mill (Cerec), Zoom/Bright Smile, Laser, Handpiece? If you answered none of the above, you’re right.


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The third option is

Patient Pursuit

Patient Pursuit provides actionable, easy-to-read reports that show you where your practices need improvement, and the number of new patient opportunities your marketing dollars are bringing in by channel.

The difference is that they not only provide training, they actually help you monitor your calls to see how quickly you answer how long people stay on hold and how many just give up and hang up.

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