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The Average Referral

Dentists are extremely dependent on powerful word of mouth referrals. Why should we expect anyone to refer us if we are just average? To be noticed we have to be noticeable; provide an experience that is not average.

Over time what was exceptional becomes average and expected. It isn’t good enough to be friendly, on time and accept insurance. Everybody does that!

Technology can be seen by patients as an exceptional above average practice feature. If the technology is exciting and the patient is invited to participate then they will be more likely to mention it to others. For example if a patient can fill out forms online before coming to a first appointment that is the type of experience they will remember and tell others about. If they are then given an opportunity to mention it on a social media platform they end up telling not just one friend but hundreds.

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We agree with your finding. We love technology. We are located in the heart of silicon valley and patients are expecting it. If there is any new technology that you think might be helpful in improving efficiency and patient care, please share.

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