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The Cost Issue and Questions to ask Yourself

Patients do not care about cost when someone else (a third party) is paying for treatment. They do care about quality outcomes and the overall experience of a healthcare encounter.

When paying themselves patients have different priorities. How many times have you had patients refuse treatment because their insurance will not cover it? Way too many.

Ask yourself, would you pay more to go to a physician out of your network that will cost you more out of pocket because you perceive him or her to be better? For example would you pay more to go to Mayo than you would to go to the corner doc shop? How much?

Do you believe there is a place for a dentist who provides better quality at a higher price with no insurance? That is better outcomes and better experiences. If so how will you create and sell that concept?

Technology can have a significant role in this. Great technology can help you provide a better service and help you create a better experience. But great technology is expensive. You will need to charge more than the average dentist down the street using techniques from last century. The third party payers won’t cover it. That is the issue.