Internet Management

The Cost of Recall

Do high tech Internet based communications make sense economically? Here is a very conservative estimate of the costs of a traditional paper and phone system. This estimate does not include the time needed to prepare the cards and keep a paper system up to date when appointments and addresses change.

Recall Cards:

2500 patients, each gets a card twice a year = 5000 cards

Each card costs 18 cents and postage is 27 cents. = 46 cents each

5000 cards time 37 cents = $2,300

Phone Confirmations:

20 patients a day (12 DDS and 8 DH)

3 minutes per call (including re-calls and leaving messages)

3 times 20 = 60, 1 hour per day times 200 work days a year = 200 hours

Staff time at $17/ hr wage plus employment expenses of $5/ hr = $22/hr

200 hours at $22 = $4,400

Total annual Recall and confirmation costs = $6,700

Monthly cost = $558.33

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