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The Sad Story of Stacy Makhnevich

The linked article below is not new, it is from Dec of 2011. Never the less it is worth revisiting for several reasons.

Of course, as with any typical Streisand Effect situation, all this ended up doing is leading to a hell of a lot more attention to the situation and the negative comments. But, these days, things can go even further than just driving more attention to content someone wanted disappeared. It can lead to even further backlash

via Stacy Makhnevich stories at Techdirt..

The topic of managing your online reputation, dealing with Yelp and generating positive reviews generated a lot of discussion during my presentation to the California Pedodontic Research Conference last week. I mentioned Dr. Makhnevich to the group. I decided to Google her to see what would come up now. As I feared the top results had to do with her legal action against the patient who posted a negative review not with her practice.

At this time online patient reviews are extremely powerful. In many ways they are a great way for consumers to find out about good and band products services and dentists. On the other hand as the system works now it is easily susceptible to manipulation and professionals are at an extreme disadvantage.

Three bits of advice: You cannot prevent negative reviews with an agreement before the fact. When you discover a negative review don’t panic and don’t sue.

At this time the best advice I have discovered is here. Key take away:

…simply asking for a review has some value and may get limited results. However if you find you have some malicious negative reviews (and we assume you don’t really deserve them) then appealing to your patients sense of fair play could result in a stack of positive reviews to swamp the negative ones.

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