The Sss Curve of Change

by Larry Emmott on June 8, 2011

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One of the core concepts I talk about in seminars is the S curve of change. We tend to think if change as happening slowly over time along a straight line. More or less as shown with the black line in the image below.

However when we study change it does not go in a straight line at all, it follows an S curve as shown by the bright pink line. In the early stages of some new technology, product or service there are very few users, just some early adopters and risk takers. Then if the product survives it reaches a “tipping point” and suddenly takes off.

As shown below, a computer in the office has finished the change curve and is found in almost every dental office. On the other hand computers in the treatment rooms have not yet become universal but are a fast changing trend that has become mainstream with well over half the US dental offices using computers in the back.

Paperless records are of great interest, I get a lot of requests to speak or consult on “going paperless” yet the number of actual paperless dental offices remains small; less than 10%. However I believe we are quickly reaching the tipping point and this will become a fast growing trend int the next few years.

Finally advanced new systems like CBCT and CAD – CAM are still in the early adoptor stage.

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