The Top 7 Stupidest Things Believed by Bad Companies

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If you’ve ever watched Kitchen Nightmares you know that the biggest mistake most restaurants make is having too large a menu. Chef Gordon Ramsey always pares that menu down – often over the protests of the owners — to a few things the restaurant is good at. The message is to keep your menu small. Stick to your core competencies. Delight your customers with a few things you are very good at, rather than overwhelm and disappoint them with an abundance of mediocrity.

Dentists of course face the same dilemma. Do you treat everybody and every condition? Do you provide every service and take every insurance? It was a great revelation to me when I reached the point in my practice that I understood experience means knowing what not to do.

I also came to realize I just liked doing some things whole lot more than others. As a result I took more courses and did them better. I personally stopped treating children when I realized I dreaded it every time I saw a child on the schedule and that I had not taken a CE course on pedo in twenty years. I was not doing any of those kids a favor if I chose to treat them.

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