The Vision

The purpose for making any change including adding technology to your office should be persuasive and powerful. It has to be bigger than simply saying that being paperless “will make us more efficient.” You need to appeal to the hearts and minds of the people who will implement and experience the change.

Imagine that you are the keynote speaker at a conference attended by your team members and patients. The purpose of your keynote is to inspire your audience to want what you want. Your goal is to galvanize them to action with a message that is so compelling that they will remain committed and enthusiastic even when faced with the inevitable bumps in the road.

Your keynote speech would describe your vision for integrating technology in your practice. This vision would serve as your guidepost as you face decisions about software and hardware. It will answer your team’s questions about why you are doing this and how it will help them as individuals, how it will improve patient care and how it will enhance the practice as a whole. Your vision statement about technology would represent your values, your goals and your image of success.

Advice from The Pride Institute.

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