Thou Shalt Treatment Plan on the Computer

New users to computer technology most often continue to use dead tree (paper) charts while using the computer to schedule and track finances.

As a result every treatment is entered at least twice. That is on paper in “the back” and again in the computer “up front”. The chart is brought up front the front desk person deciphers what was planned next and tries to make an appointment.

When the work is completed she will re-enter the code in order to get fees and take payments.

However if the treatment plan is in the computer the process of making an appointment is much faster and more accurate. Then when the procedure is done a single click completes the treatment, adds the fee, enters the notes and updates the chart.

Starting with an electronic treatment plan will make every other step faster and more accurate. Until you start charting with the electronic chart you will never get the full benefit from your technology investment.

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